A Day

yogyakarta //
3:00 am //
awakened //
coldchill //
make me crouch in a blanket //
back to sleep //
awakened (again) //
pray //
sore throat //
flu //
body aches //
want a massage, but . . .Β  //
go to the bathroom, pee //
back to bed //
daydream //
ok, I have to get up //
to pull the table, start doing “homework” //
oh essay again, learn ielts make me dizzy //
english, english, english, everywhere //
damn! my paper for write essay just one //
yes, photocopy, but I don’t know where it’s located, ouugh!! //
completed later //
take a bath //
call “someone” //
oh shit! not answered, may be he’s still sleep //
still positive thinking //
cook and make drinks, so finally I breakfast //
turn on the laptop, oh e-mail e-mail e-mail //
cool! there’s one of the most important of all, e-mail from dhika about scholarship information //
can I get a scholarship for a master’s program abroad? //
help me god, please πŸ™‚ //
yes, I want to go back to school, it’s a must! //
suddenly thought //
so what would I be? //
what I want to do in the future? //
confused //
sign //

10:31 am //
what’s next?