Hi there, my name is Kurnia Wijiastuti, but you can call me Nia for short. I was born and grew up in Jakarta, but currently I live in Lombok island with my little family (ugh… Jakarta is too messy place, sorry). I have a soul mate named Danu and one superhero named Banyu.

I’m Relawan Keluarga Kita (Rangkul) from Lombok and I’m the Regional Coordinator Rangkul Lombok (Jul-Dec, 2018). Rangkul is a family empowerment program initiated by Keluarga Kita with the support of various groups in various regions in Indonesia. We encourage parents to be empowered to other parents by continuing to be an effective source of learning and sharing good practice of parenting support child growth. Ultimately, parenting responsibility is a collective role for a better society and country, not just from and for one family. So maybe we can meet in Rangkul session (yuk kopdar :D)

You can reach me by dropping a comment on this blog, through @kurnia_wijiastuti on Instagram, or via this page: kontak saya.

Thank you for visiting, and enjoy reading my posts. Please don’t hesitate to give me a hello 😉